Let’s combine our solutions and our technological skills
To provide cutting-edge solutions, generate innovations, support companies in their digital transformation, Wedigitalpro is constantly looking for partners. We set up the Wepartenairespro program.
If you think your company’s technology offering could be combined with ours to meet the needs of our target audience, fill out our form and we’ll get back to you.
Become a partner!

You help acquire new Customers
You have relevant solutions for our customers. Entrust us with the distribution. Our sales teams know customer issues. They will offer them your solutions to meet their needs.

Increase your turnover
Your Customers may be interested in our solutions. Our solutions are complementary and not competing.
Your sales representatives can take advantage of contact with customers to offer them our services and increase your turnover.

Focus your efforts on your most strategic activities
Part of your activity is not part of your core business. It is difficult to retain your resources allocated to this activity.
We can help you identify it, assess it and make a proposal to support it.
So you are 100% dedicated to your strategic activities.

Strengthen the school-business link
You are a school, we offer you a partnership to share academic and operational subjects. Find convergences and synergies. Let us benefit from technological advances, make you benefit from operational business issues



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