How to take advantage of online training

Wedigitalpro with online training supports your development, and the evolution of human resources of companies and organizations
Exploit the possibilities of Digital Marketing
to implement a customer acquisition strategy through social media, advertising and content.
set goals and make the right decisions using the data collected. Increase your audience, and convert your audience into customers.
Optimize digital campaigns while boosting your return on advertising investment. understand how social networks work, Define your social media strategy and use advanced functions while measuring your results.
Exploit the potential of digital tools
Learn how to master the software essential to your business. Adapt their use to automate your tasks and get the most out of advanced features.
the content and methods of our training courses are adapted to your profiles and your specific issues.
Management and Consulting in Information Systems
Train professionals to participate in the management of information systems and their integration into the overall strategy of the company, analyze the needs of the company and translate them into the design / evolution of the information system.
Train suppliers and users of digital solutions to:
Know the information technology market
Build the architectures and procedures for ERP and CRM software packages
Evaluate the cost and added value of solutions: Return on investment, costs, outsourcing
Understand and assess the security of information systems
Our training courses aim to enable you to:
assess the security of an information system, define a protection plan for your facilities.
Design and implement or have implemented security devices, and ensure their operational use.
The trainings are tailor-made, with speakers who master the solutions you currently use, and those to which you want to migrate.
Learn how to use your data
Information is more than ever a strategic asset for companies. Being able to exploit it and draw the maximum amount of intelligence from it has become a differentiating factor compared to its competitors. Business Intelligence makes it possible to analyze this information in real time.
Drive change
Change is essential in modern companies, to adapt to the transformation of the market.
The impacts on people must be anticipated by managing change. This training gives you the tools and allows you to set up a change management method adapted to each project.
Subcontracting, how to manage outsourcing
Modern businesses rely on outsourcing to manage activities that are not part of their core business. Based on the eSourcing Capability Model, this training presents the best practices for organizing outsourcing for the IT department.
This training gives you the tools to:
1.Analyze outsourcing opportunities
2.Define an outsourcing strategy
3.Discover the eSourcing Capability Model repository
4.Identify best practices in the organization of Outsourcing

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