Best practices in information systems development and integration

WeDigitalPro provides its customers with Integration and Implementation, Expert and Agile teams for the success of digital transformation projects.

The information systems of our customers have a history and are composed of several functional bricks built with various technologies.

Wedigitalpro takes into account your application heritage, the expertise of your internal resources, to offer you the most suitable solutions.

To integrate the new Wedigitalpro solutions:

1-Describe the existing code and data (Reverse engineering)

2- Prepare the migration

3- Develop new bricks (different codes, operating system, database, equipment …)

4-Develop connectors (API, Webservices, gateways, Batch, …)

Reverse Engineering
Building information systems for companies and organizations takes a long time. Several people participate.
The layers of codes are multiplying, with different development methods depending on who is coding, and the period of the code realization.
Companies end up losing control of the internal functioning of the information system, and its design, which makes its scalability very expensive or sometimes impossible.
Wedigitalpro, as an DSC Digital Services Company, intervenes to help companies to analyze the system code and produce a detailed design. This is done with the tools and methods of Reverse Engineering
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Data migration
All businesses and organizations, whether or not they have sophisticated IT tools, have data that allows them to manage relationships with their customers, partners, suppliers, administrations, etc.
This data is essential and critical for the functioning of businesses and organizations. We must make sure not to lose them, to enrich them, and to exploit the maximum of their value.
Wedigitalpro as an DSC Digital services company, ensures the migration of data during the creation or evolution of an information system.
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Multiplatform development
Companies and organizations, whatever their activities, need systems to capture data, transform it, store it, share it ...
Depending on the activities concerned, the platforms that host and process the data are different:
  • Web servers
  • Workstations (computer)
  • Mobiles or tablets for mobile users
  • Embedded systems of industrial equipment, PLCs ...
    Wedigitalpro as an DSC Digital Services Company, develops the systems necessary for the activity of companies, on the different platforms.
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    Business information systems are made up of several applications. For the execution of end-to-end processes, it is necessary to use several applications, and the intervention of several actors.
    As part of the process execution, applications need to exchange data with or without transformation.
    To avoid wasting time and the risk of errors, it is important to automate these exchanges using connectors.
    Wedigitalpro as an DSC Digital Service Company, you develop connectors to allow your applications to exchange data without loss of time or risk of error.
  • Web services
  • API
  • Extension
  • Flat file transfer
  • Robot
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