Master Plan foresees the future and reduces unforeseen events

WeDigitalPro, participates in the construction of the strategy of the information system, of its customers.

WeDigitalPro, in agreement with the stakeholders, defines the target information system to be achieved.

The target information system must be in line with the company’s strategy.

WeDigitalPro, displays the strategic axes, consolidates the business needs, analyzes, gives the tools to carry out budget arbitration, and writes the master plan of the information system

Framing is a prerequisite for any information system project, in order to be able to start off on a good basis, and to avoid drifts in planning, budget and scope.
Wedigitalpro as an ESN Digital services company, used to leading successful information system projects, offers companies to help them frame their projects.
It is essential to entrust this mission to an expert in the field, with a wise and objective opinion free from hierarchical pressures and internal conflicts of interest.
Wedigitalpro produces during this service:
  • Description of the scope of the project
  • The definition of stakeholders (sponsor, MOA, MOE, Businesses, partners ...)
  • The project schedule and budget
  • Project governance
  • Indicators of success
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    Requirement Consolidation
    Defining the needs of users or collaborators to set up or develop an information system seems simple for non-specialists.
    Specialists know that this is one of the most critical tasks. The collection of user needs brings out the contradictions between the different trades that will use the system. It can bring out inconsistencies in processes, unclear responsibilities, needs without added value ...
    Wedigitalpro produces during this service:
  • Description of actors and business processes
  • The list of functional requirements
  • The list of technical and organizational requirements
  • Prioritization of requirements
  • The definition of subdivisions
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    Budget arbitration tools
    One of the most important missions of the information system management and budget control. Budget control has two components:
  • Budget forecast
  • Budget monitoring
    The control of the budget is a collective mission of all the management services of the information system. they define the forecasts and follow their own budget which are consolidated at the top level.
    is a process, sensitive and complex which must be equipped to be mastered.
    Wedigitalpro as an ESN Digital services company, with experts in the world of complex project management, helps companies to have the tools and methods to control their budget:
  • Build a reliable budget forecast
  • Follow the evolution of the budget
  • Have budget indicators and alerts
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    Information system master plan
    An information system master plan is a document that gives a clear description of the creation or evolution of an information system within a defined time frame.
    The information system master plan describes the deployment of systems and services to meet the objectives of the organization.
    the Information System Master Plan describes the overall view of the current state, needs and directions.
    Wedigitalpro as an ESN Digital services company, with experts in the world of management and the implementation of complex projects, helps companies to build an Information System Master Plan with:
  • Description of the existing
  • The formalization of needs
  • Definition of orientations
  • Action planning
  • Determination of the organization and human resources
  • budget assessment
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