The dematerialization of documents is the basis of digitization

The dematerialization of documents is a major step in the process of digitalization of companies.

WeDiGitalPro’s EDM solutions help companies automate their manual tasks and business processes to increase productivity.

Opt for a high-performance EDM solution for dematerialization of documents and business process automation for SMEs and large companies, available on the Cloud and On-Premise.

WeDigitalPro supports you at all stages of your dematerialization projects:

1. Study of the existing situation and recommendations

2. Budget estimate and choice of solutions

3. Reorganization of physical archives

4. Digitization, indexing, classification

5. Document management, process automation

6. Electronic Signature

7. Electronic Archiving

Etude et conseil en gestion électronique des documents
All organizations and businesses rely on documents to trace the various exchanges internally and externally.
The different processes are executed according to the state and the content of the document.
Companies generally do not have an expert in the information system for electronic document management. They need to be supported in projects to set up an electronic document management system.
Wedigitalpro as an ESN Digital services company, offers consulting and study services:
  • Document acquisition and dematerialization.
  • the classification and indexing of documents.
  • Document storage
  • Process management
  • access rules
    Wedigitalpro supports companies in:
  • The study of the existing and the framing of the GED project
  • Comparison of EDM software solutions adapted to the needs
  • Drafting of specifications and management of the call for tenders
  • Management of the implementation and deployment
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    Physical archiving of documents
    Storing company documents is essential for its business. The archiving of some documents is a legal obligation, while others the obligation is operational. Physical archiving consists of identifying and categorizing the documents to be stored, to classify them and store them so that they can be easily found if necessary.
    Classified documents are stored in premises belonging to the company or in the premises of an external supplier.
    Wedigitalpro as a DSC Digital Services Company, and in collaboration with its partners who have physical storage infrastructure, offers the services of complete solutions:
  • Link between physical and digital archiving
  • Organization and management of document archiving projects
  • Physical archiving of documents in nearby, secure sites, with an environment within and accessible
  • Traceability and management of access rights
  • Transport management
  • Scan management
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    Document Management
    With the implementation of electronic management of EDM documents, the company is digitalizing its internal and external processes.
    She is then able to automate them, manage them with performance indicators and take actions to improve them.
    The digitization of processes makes it possible to standardize the rules in the organization. And master the rights to the various documents: consultation, modification, validation.
    EDM also makes it possible to avoid duplication, and to master the documentary and publishing repository.
    Digitization enables optimal resumption of activity thanks to off-site backup.
    electronic document management offers the opportunity to integrate external actors into the company's automated processes: customers, suppliers, partners, administration.
    Electronic document management brings flexibility to company employees, and also to other stakeholders. They will be able to participate in the execution of the process in mobility and remotely.
    Wedigitalpro as a DSC Digital Services Company, and in collaboration with its partners who have physical storage infrastructure, offers EDM solutions adapted to the size, needs and budget of each company.
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    Digital archiving
    The archiving of electronic, digital or digital documents is the activity, solutions and rules relating to the preservation and accessibility of digital documents.
    Archiving, unlike simple backup, provides the elements necessary for the legal admissibility of archived documents:
  • The durability of the content, reading tools and information relating to access rights, throughout their useful life, and with no time limit for documents of heritage value.
  • The integrity of the content throughout the duration by guaranteeing its readability, its no modification, and the traceability of the actions carried out.
  • Confidentiality must be guaranteed, by giving access only to authorized persons, by time-stamping any changes, and by encrypting the content if necessary.
  • The accessibility of the document must be easy, and the document must be readable without risk of obsolescence of reading technology.
    Wedigitalpro as a DSC Digital services Company, and in collaboration with its partners offers solutions, digital archiving of documents, adapted to the value, volume and useful life of documents.
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