WeDigitalPro An Agile, Innovative IT and digital service Provider, close to its Customers

WeDigitalPro is the digital services company close to its customers, Agile and Innovative.

WeDigitalPro supports its customers by providing:

    • Experts in digital
    • Software solutions
    • Transformation studies
    • IT and Telecom infrastructure
    • And turnkey projects

Customer experience

digital transformation

ERP and Management Solutions

IT infrastructure and production engineering
WeDigitalpro provides its clients with all the technical assistance and advice they need for their IT infrastructure projects.
WeDigitalpro supports them to have an optimized, efficient, scalable and highly available infrastructure.
Aware of the challenges of your business, we provide you with a reliable IT and Telecom infrastructure to support your activity and its growth.
The variation of your activity requires an agile infrastructure in computing power, and in storage. It must also be compatible with its internal and external environment.
WeDigitalPro ensures you the implementation of best practices in the field
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Cloud and Managed Services
We offer outsourcing solutions on Public, Private, Hybrid or On Premise (on-premise) clouds to meet all information systems and business applications outsourcing needs.
We offer the scalability of the Cloud on an infrastructure dedicated only to our customers. With infrastructure virtualization. Wedigitalpro as an ESN provides its customers with all the tools for the management of their management request and the supervision of their infrastructure.
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Mobility and Networks
WeDigitalpro as an ESN offers a full range of services, so that its customers benefit from all the benefits of connectivity and mobility.
Our customers want to offer their employees the possibility of being connected within and outside the company to continue producing on the go.
They also want their employees to have the same working environment, without having to be in front of their workstation in the office.
They want collaboration between employees and with partners to be seamless.
All this without losing security, reliability and controlling costs.
WeDigitalpro meets all of these needs.
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Cyber ​​Security and Digital Services

WeDigitalPro as an ESN, With its experts in digital transformation, risk management and cybersecurity, helps its clients to face the increasingly numerous and sophisticated threats.
WeDigitalPro proposes the IS security policy, and provides advice and assistance.
Our penetration testing experts have the ability to break into the information system and identify intrusion routes, they understand their limits of security solutions. Our support technicians ensure the design, production, packaging and management of encryption networks.
They deploy and administer security management solutions, and administrative compliance controls in the area of ​​staff authorizations.
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Information system master plan
WeDigitalPro, participates in the construction of the information system strategy of its customers.
WeDigitalPro, in agreement with the stakeholders, defines the target information system to be achieved.
The target information system must be in line with the company's strategy.
WeDigitalPro, displays the strategic axes, consolidates the business needs, analyzes, gives the tools to carry out budget arbitration, and writes the master plan of the information system
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Study and Design
You know your business and you have identified information system needs to improve your performance and streamline your processes.
WeDigitalPro, as IT service provider, is responsible for:
  • Collect the need
  • Do a market research
  • Select potential suppliers / solutions
  • Manage calls for tenders
  • Design the solution
  • By respecting best practices, and adapting to your organization.
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    Implementation and Integration
    WeDigitalPro is the ESN the digital services company close to its customers, Agile and Innovative.
    WeDigitalPro supports its clients by providing:
  • Experts in digital
  • Software solutions
  • Transformation studies
  • IT and Telecom infrastructure
  • And turnkey projects
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    Validation and Change Management
    Many projects fail while the biggest is done, namely the definition of the need, the design and the realization.
    Many companies mistakenly believe that once application development is complete, project success is assured. While two critical steps remain to be taken to ensure the success of an IT project.
  • Functional and technical validation
  • User adoption
    Our Customers are aware of the criticality of these two steps, WeDigitalpro supports them in setting up a test strategy, for carrying out functional tests and technical acceptance.
    To ensure the adoption of the new system by users, Wedigitalpro offers the change management service with the information, organization and training components.
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    Electronic archiving and EDM
    The dematerialization of documents is a major step in the process of digitalization of companies.
    WeDiGitalPro's EDM solutions help companies automate their manual tasks and business processes to increase productivity.
    Choose a high-performance EDM solution for dematerialization of documents and business process automation for SMEs and large companies, available on the Cloud and On-Premise.
    WeDigitalPro as an ESN supports you at all stages of your dematerialization projects:
  • Study of the existing situation and recommendations
  • Budget estimate and choice of solutions
  • Reorganization of physical archives
  • Digitization, indexing, classification
  • Document management, process automation
  • Electronic Signature
  • Electronic Archiving
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    Digital Marketing
    Wedigitalpro and its web agency aim to provide businesses with the benefit of the Internet and IT tools. Our preferred targets are small and medium-sized businesses. Wedigitalpro supports them to modernize their structures at all levels with the most innovative concepts.
  • Web referencing
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Website Design
  • Email design
  • Emailing campaign
  • Social media ads
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